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Ski Gear - Hints For Buying a Functional Ski Jacket

Your ski jacket is one of the most important purchases you can make apart from your actual ski gear. A functional jacket can make the difference between having a fabulous ski trip and a miserable one. This article will provide you with hints to ensure that you make a great purchasing decision.

You want your ski jacket to be stylish but, as with all of your ski gear, it must also serve its main purpose. In this case to keep you comfortable and dry on the slopes. It also needs to be made of breathable fabric. You exert a fair bit of energy skiing and you need fabric that breathes well to allow perspiration to escape. Here are a few questions to consider when purchasing your jacket.

Do you normally run hot or cold? Everyone's body temperature is different and being too hot can be just as uncomfortable as being too cold. Many ski jackets these days come with a fleece liner that can be easily removed. Do you like to wear several layers? If so, a ski shell may be better for you than a padded ski jacket. It will keep out the wind and keep you dry but you can control how many layers you wear underneath. If you do this, make sure to buy one large enough to accommodate several layers underneath for those freezing days.

Is it seam sealed? Regardless of the quality of the fabric used you will still get wet sometimes if your ski jacket is not seam sealed. Does it have adequate pockets and accessories? Think about all of the things that you need and whether it can accommodate them. Remember things such as keys, money and cards, spare glasses, phone, neck warmer, tissues, lift pass etc.

What is your budget? Your jacket is often one of the more expensive items of ski gear but if you choose wisely yours will last for years. Most top of the range ski jackets will cost you $400 or more though you can find some basic ones for around $200. It is not, however, an area to scrimp on. As with most ski gear, if you are on a budget it is smarter to shop around for a good quality ski jacket on sale rather than purchasing cheap quality.

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