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First Lady's Love - Christian Dior 3D Handbag

Christian Dior, the French luxury brand, is famous for its innovative design and extravagant styles. Therefore, their products have always been enjoying the favor of many celebrities. The Dior 3D handbag, for example, is seen many times being carried by Carla Bruni, the French first lady, when she was walking with her husband.

The Dior 3D handbag belongs to the autumn and winter series for 2010. It is featuring a concise design and dimensional structure. When one takes a first glance, he or she may not be able to recognize its subtleness. But when you take a second glance to it, you'll notice the specialty created by the three-layer flap design, which gives one a vivid stereoscopic vision effect. Giving the 3-D effect a higher level is the central mental lock catch, which is craved with the abbreviation of the brand logo. It is quite a unique design.

There is one removable single strap on the Dior 3-D handbag. It is designed with mental loop locks on the both ends near the top of the bag, which gives the bag and the strap some decorative effects. The strap could be adjusted to the shoulder length, or a length to be held on the arm or even removed to work as a clutch. It is multifunctional and decorative.

There are various versions available. Some of them are in black, while some are in white. Others look metallic or filbert. The materials include the lizard skin, the python skin, the crocodile skin and even the Russian lamp skin etc. The Dior 3D handbag is made into two different sizes, the medium one and the small one. To conclude, the Dior 3D handbag could certainly meet the different requirements of different people. No wonder even the First Lady of France loves it so much.

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