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Brand Your Shop - Your Brand Is a Part of the Value of Your Store

When thinking about branding your floral shop, think about what you want your brand to say. How do you want your customers to feel when seeing your shop? What do you want your customers to think? Think about the colors you want, your logo, letterheads, and invoices to be. These are a part of branding your business. Your signage - what kind of message do you want to convey? Your logo is very important. It should make you be noticeable amidst your competitors. It does not have to be hard. Simpler is often better. What one symbol do you associate with Wal-Mart? It is a daisy; a very simple one. Have a professional create your logo if necessary.

This part of your brand will be with you for a very long time. When a customer sees this image you want them to automatically think of your times words are not even necessary. Your shop should have a visual theme. Color, logo, design, signs, employee uniforms are all part of branding. When a customer buys a corsage from your store, the corsage box will have your shop logo on it. You are not only selling a flower, but you are selling your brand, your shop. This is what you have worked hard to build. Your name, you, and what you do and sell are all a part. People will pay to receive or send flowers with your logo on it. That is part of the price they are willing to pay for the product they have ordered from your store. A sense of pride in saying "I ordered from XXX Shop".

Back up your brand with quality service and products. A logo and all the professional advertising in the world is worth nothing if your service and product is not up to par. You must show excellence and pride in your work and in your shop display and characteristic. Your employees are representing your store. Make sure you know what they are doing. Teach them your ethics, beliefs, and policies. Educate your employees on what is expected of them when representing your store. Let your customers know what you are about. Educate them through excellent service, community participation, advertising, shop displays, and marketing of your brand name. Put your brand on everything. Get your brand out there. It is you. It is your shop. It is a part of the value of your store. Every opportunity to get your brand out there is an opportunity to build your business and advertise with confidence. What do people think when they see your brand? Is it positive? I hope so!